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06/2009 | Europan 10 – Nordhavnen, Kopenhagen

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Today the identity of Nordhavn based primarily on the use as free- and fishing port. Because of its size and current industrial use the new district can’t rely only on these existing identities. The site has to redefine itself.
Specifically defined places or uses should assist urban life. Such identity-building spots form a part of the characteristics of the future quarters. By various spots sorts of different neighbourhoods with their own qualities are developed. The spots are categorized in open space and urban. By mixture of utilisation in different quarters there are no focal areas be created which negate their unifying element is the element of water. This is in this connection as constant, strengthen the cohesion of Nordhavnen.
To form an efficient urban fabric, the various spots of their assignment linked accordingly. The “open space loop” presents an inner network of green structures. The urban spots will be less directly linked. The „urban loop“ describes specific urban functions in urban structures. These can be a place, but also a specific functional relationship or a of centre of utilisation.
The entire inner network, which Nordhavnen or especially its districts and future residents combines consists of a sustainable transport network, the new metro line and the two new elements – „urban loop“ and „open space loop“ and their spots.
In addition to these factors that plays the ubiquitous water an important role and offers different opportunities to interact with the city. There are different urban situations by given structure – the position at a canal, at a basin and the open sea. The Nordhavnen has landscape qualities that provide potential for conversion into fantastic recreational qualities. The overall connecting urban loop as well as the open space loop has a vibrant turn in south of Nordhavnen at Silo and Nordbassinet. In comparison with the position at a basin, equivalent to urban reference and also by its larger surface area, the Nordbassinet is comparable to urban spaces. Squares and promenades are always special places in urban life in which culminates uses. The edges are often a special utilization
use or architecture. Consequently, the basins are the true highlights which represent always free place of a special life going on.
The strong identity as a harbour area can be saved by a cautious adaption into a vibrant urban space with new utilization. The sustainable mutation of the structure of the edge by interaction of stock a new development can save the identity of Nordbassinet site and whole Nordhavnen area. By designing urban space in interaction / conversion with existing elements like landmark buildings (silo) and the edge of basin the regional identity of Nordhavnen area can be obtained.
The characteristic shape of Nordhavnen, with its basins, docks, canals, the short distance between two water elements, the very different spaces, and the elongated coastline defines the special feeling of Nordhavn. In the front is the individuality that forms Nordhavn into a special, exciting and more than less liveable place to be! The edges of Nordhavnen can be developed in phases for a high flexibility.

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