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09/2009 | Europan 10 – Guben

connect Guben

point of departure and idea
Guben is a border town in eastern Germany. It is divided into the german Guben and the polish Gubin by the river Neiße. Both parts are only linked by only a bridge for the traffic and a footbridge.
The inner city of Guben is restricted in the west by the railroad property and in the east by the river Neiße. In the middle of the railroad tracks is the isolated station. He is connected through a ramp of the Cottbuser Street road and by a pedestrian tunnel of the Bahnhofstreet. Due to the double-sided track is the station badly in the inner city tied and unattractive for the whole environment.
In the city, which earlier was a major textile industry location, are many vacant industrial buildings and villas. The partly demolished industrial buildings leave wastelands in the inner city, where are today undefined open spaces without any qualities.
Berliner Street, as an important living and shopping street shows these circumstances in an alarming way. There are just a little attractive shopping and cultural facilities. By these low qualities there are only marginal impulses of any development.
The main point of our design is the urban integration of the station to the city. By removing the eastern train tracks a strong barrier can be deleted and the train station can be achieved better and allows a good connection to the city.
By eliminating tracks and the use of the area for urban spaces, we create a green band, which connect the active island in the north along the Bahnhofstreet through the Cottbuser Street to the courts in the residential and commercial area in the south. The band connected to the existing open spaces in the east too.
To increase the attractiveness of individual sectors and create appeals for future developments, we define special spots in every zone. In addition these spots are important for the whole city development, for example a cinema and attractive shopping. The function or use of these attractor types a part of the identity of the particular zone. Mostly the spot is an architectural special block.

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